A/C Coil Cleaning

Quality AC Coil Cleaning in St. Louis

AC coils are some of the most important components in any air conditioning unit, ensuring the device's ability to properly provide cool, healthy air to your entire home or building. Coils can build up with debris and other gunk over time, though, and having them cleaned by the professionals at St. Louis Clean Air will ensure that these buildups are handled properly and never lead to diminished AC capabilities. 

How AC Coils Function

Within a standard air conditioning unit, there will be two distinct sets of coils: Evaporator coils and condenser coils. The function of the evaporator coils is to transform a liquid refrigerant into a gas, which will then carry heat from your living space into the condenser coils. The heat is then extracted from the coolant and sent back to be used again within the home or building.

However, these simple operations will be limited or even interrupted entirely if these coils are not clean. In fact, a buildup of dust and debris could prevent the AC system from being used at all. This is especially true if you live in an area that experiences particularly high levels of air pollution or other contaminants; there will likely be many more particles impacting your evaporator coils than someone who lives in a less polluted area. 

In addition, condenser coils can be blocked by common items on your property, such as leaves, grass, and other plant life. Rather than allowing these and other buildups to continue growing, it's vital that you clean these coils on a regular basis.

Comprehensive AC Coil Cleaning Services

Periodically, home and business owners are likely able to perform their own basic cleaning of AC coils using a hose. However, while this is a recommended practice, it does not offer the same level of cleaning as our professional services.

For a professional coil cleaning job, the power must be shut off to the unit so several significant tasks can be performed. We'll begin by brushing off all the components of the coil that may have dirt buildup, then will coat each of these coils with a foaming cleanser that's meant to remove tougher buildups.

If needed, we'll agitate this cleanser to increase its cleaning qualities. Once it's completely removed all buildups of gunk and grime, we'll once again hose off the coils. During this appointment, we'll also be sure to check the inside of your AC unit for any parts that are worn-out or might require replacement, as this process offers a couple easy opportunities to provide these repairs if-needed.

For more on any of our AC coil cleaning services, or to learn about our duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, UV purification systems or any other air quality solutions we offer, speak to the team at St. Louis Clean Air today.