Blower Motor Cleaning

St. Louis Blower Motor Cleaning Services

No AC unit can operate optimally without an efficient and functioning blower motor, and the team at St. Louis Clean Air is here to ensure you're never without one. If you're dealing with hot air in your home or office area, the blower motor could be one of the culprits -- but our professionals will quickly be on-hand to remedy the issue for an affordable, transparent cost.

How an AC Blower Motor Works

Located within your AC's case, the blower motor uses a series of brushes and coils, plus a motor and its housing, to transform electric energy into mechanical energy for moving air. If you own an older system, the motor will most likely use a squirrel-cage rotary design, but newer installations might utilize an induction motor instead. In either case, the blower will be located in your AC's metal box outside of the building; if you're having trouble locating it, ask any professionals from St. Louis Clean Air to help you out.

When Does an AC Blower Motor Need Cleaning?

If you're like most home or building owners and aren't intimately familiar with the operations of your AC blower motor, this is understandable -- most people aren't. For those in this position, here are some signs that your AC blower motor is not functioning optimally and may require cleaning or service:

  • A humming sound coming from the air conditioner unit when the blower is running
  • A lack of air coming from the vents on your AC system, despite the fact that you can hear the blower running
  • Strange sounds emitting from the blower unit or motor
  • The AC producing less or no cold air during operations
  • The system continuously shuts itself off after a short period of operations

If you notice any of these signs, call our HVAC professionals for identification and remediation of the problem.

Handling Your St. Louis Blower Motor Cleaning Needs

If your blower motor is having issues, we'll begin by shutting off the power to your AC unit so we can inspect it safely. From here, our technicians will use high-quality tools and equipment to clean the blower, take a look at its bearings, check out its coils for damage or blockage, and perform any other needed maintenance.

In cases where significant grime or other buildups have collected within the blower motor, we may use a special cleaning agent that's coated onto the component. This agent sits for several minutes at a time and may be agitated in certain cases.

If needed, we will repeat this process multiple times to fully clean the blower motor. In addition, we'll be sure to inspect other visible components while we're inside your AC unit, plus offer on-site repair or replacement recommendations.

When we're finished, you'll be left with a blower motor that looks and operates like new. There will be less dust and dirt in your air supply, for one, while both airflow and cooling capacity will be increased.

For more on any of our blower motor cleaning services, speak to the staff at St. Louis Clean Air today.


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