Crawl Space Cleanup & Waterproofing

St. Louis Crawl Space Cleanup and Waterproofing Services

Most of us don't enter our home or building crawl space very often, if at all, but this is an important area for certain parts of home maintenance -- especially if water or other threats enter it. At St. Louis Clean Air, we offer a full range of crawl space cleanup and waterproofing services to ensure this area remains in good order.

Why Homes Have Crawl Spaces

Your home or building may have a crawl space located within it, especially if the St. Louis home does not involve a basement or attic. Crawl spaces are often used as storage areas or for utilities and are also in place to allow for air circulation and proper access to various home systems, possibly including both your plumbing and electrical setups.

Because of their exposed nature, though, they are susceptible to water damage and mold growth. In addition, various larger pests may enter crawl spaces and make them their home. It's also possible that other objects can become lodged in these areas: tree branches, toys and more. It is crucial that you clean up your crawl space to ensure all of these issues are taken care of -- but what if you're not home often enough or don't have time to carry out these jobs on your own?

This is where our team comes in.

Cleaning and Waterproofing Your Crawl Space

If your crawl space is dealing with pest infiltration, water damage or any other kind of issue, our St. Louis Clean Air team is here to provide solutions. First and foremost, we'll visit your home or building and examine the state of your crawl space.

Cleanup starts with a thorough crawl space cleaning and dusting, plus removal of any debris that has accumulated in this area, including dust, oils and other particulates. Next up, we'll install a heavy-duty plastic barrier on the ground in the crawl space, with the goal of preventing pest infestation of any kind while also limiting water seepage.

Next, we will waterproof your home's particular flooring or materials used to create it. In some cases, a comprehensive process called "encapsulation" will be used, one where we cover not only your floors, but also the walls of the crawl space to keep it completely protected. Water, pests and even mold will not be able to make their way in. As a result, not only will your space remain in good shape, but you’ll also be able to store items in it without worrying about them warping or deteriorating.

For more on any of our crawl space cleanup and waterproofing services in St. Louis, call our team today at (612) 391-4197.