Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation for St. Louis Area

No one wants to deal with mold in their home or office space, and at St. Louis Clean Air, we make sure you never have to. Our mold remediation services are second to none, helping you identify mold presence in any space before removing it completely and permanently. Contact us today to learn more about our mold removal services. 

Mold Formation and Risks

Mold is a naturally occurring element in many settings, but it's not desirable in the home or building space due to the issues it creates with air contamination. Mold forms due to excessive moisture present in the air, typically resulting from plumbing issues that cause water leaks and floods. Mold infestation can also be caused by simply leaving a damp area of your home unattended for several days, allowing mold spores to thrive on their own.

Mold can grow anywhere inside a space where excess moisture is present. Typical areas include furniture, walls and ceilings, dresser drawers, carpeting and under flooring. The longer water is present in a space without being remediated by qualified mold professionals, the larger the risk of contamination becomes.

And if significant quantities of mold are found in your home or office space, the health risks presented to occupants can be significant. They include things like respiratory symptoms, allergies, asthma, and in some cases, long-term respiratory illnesses. People who have allergies to mold are especially at risk -- those with strong reactions to the presence of mold may develop problems such as skin rashes and difficulty breathing.

Solving Your Mold Problems

Fortunately, home and building owners alike have solutions readily available to any mold buildup that's taken place. Our St. Louis mold remediation services are comprehensive in nature, ensuring your space will be completely mold-free both now and long-term.

Our mold removal process begins by testing both surfaces and the air in your space for the presence of mold. Our specially trained technicians will use a variety of tools to identify any sources of mold found in your space, and determine the proper remediation process for you to follow.

When it comes time to remove the mold, we take several steps as part of our comprehensive mold removal services. These include: 

  • Removing any decaying building or furniture materials that are actively growing mold.
  • Removing all non-living materials that are contaminated by mold, including the carpeting in your space.
  • Using our specialized equipment to "sanitize" and clean all surfaces to eliminate any further presence of mold.
  • Finally, before we depart, our mold remediation specialists will offer you some general tips and advice on how to avoid future mold buildups. We'll inform you of the primary sources that caused your previous buildup, plus show you how these risks can be eliminated moving forward.

    For more on any of our mold remediation or other services like air duct cleaning and UV purifiers, speak to the staff at St. Louis Clean Air today.


When we find a home or office building with mold in it, the first thing we do is remove the items and building materials that are so infested that they cannot be saved. Next, we clean what remains with a special oxidizing cleaner that kills the mold without irritating your lungs or eyes.

The last thing we do is talk with you about the source of the mold, and how to keep this harmful substance at bay in the future.

Trust the professionals at St Louis Clean Air if you suspect a mold problem in your home or office. Call us today, and breathe cleaner air tomorrow.