Sanitizing & Odor Removal

Sanitation and Odor Removal in St. Louis

A major part of air quality and comfort for home and building owners alike is healthy-smelling air. If your space is dealing with a poor odor of several different varieties, you can count on the team at St. Louis Clean Air to remedy the situation.

Where Do Poor Odors Come From?

Within your home, office or other commercial space, there may be a few different sources of foul-smelling odors that have cropped up. These include:

  • Pets: For homes that contain pets, especially active dogs, you may notice that the odors from their waste are beginning to carry over into other areas of your home. While pets are ideally trained to use the bathroom outside, this isn't always the case; they may have accidents inside on some occasions. Recurring pest odors will also often enter your fabrics or upholstery, to the point where they persist even when their initial source has been removed.
  • Trash or rotting material: Whenever you have an overflowing wastebasket or trashcan, it's likely that the smells from inside are beginning to seep out into your spaces. A trashcan that is full can take on all sorts of different smells, depending on what has been left inside over time, and these may be almost unnoticeable for a while before bursting forth as powerful, uncomfortable odors.
  • Garbage disposal: In other cases, odors that primarily come from the kitchen may be originating in the garbage disposal. This is much more common than you might expect, as the smell can permeate even into other parts of your kitchen and home. Whether it's a buildup from food particles, or simply leftover oils getting through the drain line, these odors will soon begin to spread throughout your entire space in no time at all.
  • Mold: One of the most dangerous odors you may pick up is that of mold, and this is likely to be present if you are dealing with problems of moisture or leaks in your roofs, walls, ceilings or other internal areas. Mold growth can occur inside as easily as it does outside, and the smells will eventually become a powerful part of your home environment.

How St. Louis Clean Air Helps You

If you're dealing with any of the above odor types, or even other pervasive odors we haven't listed here yet, the team at St. Louis Clean Air is here to help.

Our odor removal program begins with identification and location of the odor in question and follows with a sanitization of your space. Whether the odor is in your walls, flooring or some other area, our technicians will be able to locate it and to remove it.

And once these odors are gone, we'll also provide tips and expertise on how to avoid them forming again in the future. If needed, we'll also recommend additional air quality solutions like air duct cleaning or a UV air purifier, both of which we're happy to offer.

For more on any of our odor removal and sanitation services, contact St. Louis Clean Air at (612) 391-4197.