Air Purification Solutions

St. Louis Air Purification Solutions

For those who desire the purest air possible in their home or office setting, the team at St. Louis Clean Air is here to provide UV air purification solutions. These systems provide additional filtration and purification, assisting your air filters in keeping the air you breathe clean and healthy at all times while reducing the risks of contaminants and resulting health concerns. 

What We Protect You From

There are several contaminant risks that might be present in the air, and these can lead to health concerns and breathing issues -- especially in those with conditions like asthma, allergies or other respiratory problems. Common air pathogens that might enter your system include:

  • Several forms of bacteria
  • Viruses, including the hantavirus
  • Mold and mildew growths

These contaminants can be very harmful to human health, especially in those who are highly susceptible. Not only are respiratory conditions often exacerbated by air contaminants, but these same pathogens may also lead to other health concerns, particularly if prolonged exposure takes place.

Luckily, our UV air purification system removes these contaminants from the air before they become a significant part of your breathing supply.

Protecting Your Home or Building

Whether you've dealt with air contamination issues in your space before or not, we're here to help completely prevent these from taking place in the future. Our UV air purifier systems are installed directly into your existing HVAC setup and are intended to work in conjunction with your existing air filters. 

This means two things for you: not only does our UV system provide additional filtration and purification, but it's fully automated into your current HVAC system. Your UV unit will sense when the air outside has been sufficiently purified and will shut off on its own, saving you time and energy. Even better, your UV purifier can work around the clock to keep your indoor air pure and healthy -- even while you sleep at night!

In addition, our UV air purification systems are completely safe for both pets and children. This means you don't have to worry about anyone in your family being exposed to harmful pathogens. Plus, UV air purification equipment is designed for longevity, with minimal cleaning maintenance necessary and no need for replacement filters.

This makes UV purification an ideal choice for those looking to keep allergens from entering the home while adding additional filtration/purification to their overall HVAC system.

Setting Up UV Air Purifier Installation

If you're interested in learning more about our UV air purification or scheduling installation, contact our team of air quality experts in St. Louis today. We'll sit down with you for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation where we evaluate your air purification needs, then recommend the ideal UV air purifier or other solutions to meet them.

Speak to the pros at St. Louis Clean air at (612) 391-4197.